The past year and a half has brought all of us an array of challenges, set backs, losses, and uncertainty. But also blessings and opportunity. A monumental stainless steel fabrication came to us in early 2020.

Square tube being unloaded off the delivery truck into foundry fabrication dept.

This piece had a major undertaking. The sculpture needed to be made from custom made square stainless steel tubing because no commercial supplier manufactured the necessary dimensions which is a massive 17″ square and 20′ long and 3/8″ thick. The tubing was also too large to be cut in our metal band saw so each section had to be hand measured and cut with a high amperage plasma torch.

Each 20′ section weighed approximately 15oo lbs. so moving, manipulating and aligning each and every precisely cut section was a pre planned well thought out process. Ultimately of course, the final hurdle is the installation. A sculpture weighing in at over 6,000 lbs. and measuring 10’x11’x14′!