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7 Swans in the wind

Our good friend and client Grainger McKoy came to us with another project a few months ago. It is a 12’ cast stainless steel feather with a series of 7 swan silhouettes cut out of stainless-steel sheet and attached to the feather up to a height of 20’.  As with all of...

What’s on the surface?

Metal sculpture that is going to be displayed outdoors needs to be protected from environmental hazards. Rain, sunlight, landscape and wildlife can all pose a threat to the finished surface. Painted surfaces require a tough, durable clear coat to protect the...

Introducing our Blog

In our new blog we’ll be presenting an insight into this fascinating segment of the art world, making metal sculpture. We plan to Discuss our current and past projects, clients and processes including some unique challenges we face during various phases of Project...

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