Conservation & Restoration

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ART has two registered AIC conservators on staff that can provide a written assessment of condition report of your project. All replacement castings whether bronze, brass, stainless steel, or aluminum castings, are performed under strict guidelines. To complete your art restoration all replacement elements are performed by our staff certified welders. ART can conserve your bronze plaques, statues, metal rails, historic sculptures, metal or stone architectural elements, as well as lamp standards, sconces, doors and hardware.

In conservation ART has 40 years of professional experience providing examination, suggested treatments and care of objects reports.  The objects, materials, and dimensions are of a wide range treated in bronze, brass, wood, marble, granite, masonry, plastics stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plaster, iron in the form of fountains, historic sculpture, artifacts, contemporary art, interior and exterior sculpture, decorative art, architectural elements and other three dimensional works.  In addition to performing conservation treatments, our conservators conduct object-by object surveys for museums and private collections.

Because of the variety of materials, object conservators treat many different types of deterioration and structural issues.  We are members of The AIC (American Institute for Conservation).


What is a General Conservation Assessment Report?

A general conservation assessment report is a broad study of object conditions, conducting an on-site assessment of the art work. The report evaluates the conditions affecting your art and environment. Documentation is presented in written and photographic form. Recommended policies and procedures for treatment are presented in the report. Also included is a recommended maintenance and procedure report that can provide the blueprint for assisting in the care and raise awareness, with a long-range conservation plan.


  • Museums
  • Smithsonian
  • Municipalities
  • Private collectors
  • Galleries
  • Individuals

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